Between sessions

Last night, my brother set up the Krolowa – and in particular the barge – for the trip downriver.

I’d pulled the tug and barge diagrams from Pirates of the Vistula, as well as the river template. We’ll be using this model to cut/paste into encounters.

The Krolowa will be pushing the barge, not pulling. That this was common practice was new information to me.

Movement numbers

The Krolowa, cruising unloaded, without a tow:

12 kph = 48 clicks per period = 16 meters per 5 second combat turn.

The Krolowa, pushing a tow:

9 kph = 36 clicks per period = 12 meters per 5 second combat turn.

Vistula river current:

3 kph = 12 clicks per period = 4 meters per 5 second combat turn.


The hulls of Krolowa and its barge are sturdy, and would require large caliber guns or anti-tank rounds to penetrate.

The Krolowa already has DShKs mounted port and starboard. The group will be parking their M274 Mule over the rear cargo hatch, allowing its mounted M40A1 recoilless rifle to engage targets.


The barge has a defensive emplacement in the rear, the MAV placed in the center, firewood for the Krolowa piled ahead, and the BAV near the front. With the wood planking gone in those sections, the vehicles are down in the hull a bit, with only the upper portions visible. They, too, have weapons to employ. The BAV and MAV are both amphibious, and could be used for recon or escape.


Cpt Adam RatajAdam Rataj. Erstwhile owner/bartender of the Na Zdrowie in Krakow. Good-natured, and determined to find his family in the ruins of Warsaw, and bring them to safety.

Karl UllerKarl Uller. First Mate. A serious man, not given to humor. Crew doesn’t much like him. Was welcoming to the Americans, with a forced friendliness.

Jozef GryechJozef Gryech. Grzyech’s specialty is the Krolowa’s engines. He is a superb mechanic, and oversaw the conversion of the Krolowa’s diesels to steam in the first place. Not terribly social.

Tadeuz RoszkowskiTadeuz Roszkowski. The oldest man of Adam’s crew, one who has spent most of his life on the Wisla and Oder Rivers as a bargeman and cargo handler. good at handling the
Krolowa’s small winch and boom hoist, which are used for loading and unloading cargo. He is a big, muscular and cheerful man, who only knows a few words of English. Alcohol problems.

Walter MatusiakWalter Matusiak. Deck hand. For a time, early in the war, he was engaged to Adam’s daughter. Dark and sullen man.




EDIT July 2019

Jim Lawrie at the Juhlin forum has written an article about maritime steam engines for Twilight 2000.